Awaken To Your Soul: A Guide To Remembering Who You Really Are

"Sitting at my kitchen table journaling, I no longer owned my pen. Other energies had taken it over and pages of loving, beautiful language from spirit began to flow onto the paper. A deep peace flowed through me. I was not at all frightened by this first experience of automatic writing. Rather I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the language, and tears streamed from my eyes. I trembled as I cried, overcome with love, gratitude, and relief. Graced by these wise, loving energies, I remembered. I remembered the love, the connection, the everlasting bond from beyond the veil.

I rose from the table where I sat writing and spun around the room. I touched the stove, the refrigerator, and the counters feeling the concreteness of my physical world, and yet somehow the room, the very house was expanding. I ran out of the house and spun on my deck in my nightgown with the sky above me open, gloriously open. I could see into other realms and could hear the language and the music of the heavens. My gratitude was immense, my relief complete."

My personal journey to a deeper level of healing, peace and clarity began that morning. I didn't realize the magnitude of what had occurred and all that was to come. It was through the grace of being touched by Spirit that I truly remembered who I was. My passion for sharing that message is what led me to write Awaken To Your Soul to provide guidance and instruction on the journey for others. The direction provided within will facilitate your own remembering through the healing of the wounded layers that cloud the light of your soul. The work of clearing the chakras, energy vortexes that hold all of our experiences, will allow you to begin to recognize your own magnificence. Movement through forgiveness and into conscious love will further your remembering. Awaken to your soul; peace and oneness are waiting for you.

"Tears rolled down my face as I sat in the Church of the Holy Cross in Sedona, Arizona. My experience was one of exquisite grace. Energy poured through the top of my head, expanding and enriching my seventh chakra, my crown chakra. The vibration of Divine language pulsed through me. 'Be my messenger, bring the message forward. Bring love and the remembering to those who are crying out for it. Be my messenger.' I surrendered to the vibration as the energy washed through me. I had felt this exquisite energy before and would be graced to feel it again. Tears fall easily when I am in the presence of Divine energy. The love is simply that powerful."

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"Awaken To Your Soul is a work of truth and passion that allows us to see the possibilities of our journey toward wholeness and alignment with Spirit in this world. Mary Anderson's ability to impart with clarity the purposefulness of 'the work' necessary to live your Souls' longing is uplifting, hopeful and sincere. The text carried me to a deeper understanding of how a journey may look as well as offering insight into how our learning is a moment to moment event that is exemplified in Mary's journey and how masterfully she lives her calling. The workbook clarifies the nature of our work here and offers insight into what it looks like to clear the energetic blocks to moving forward in our lives."

Ruthann Pisaretz, Mind-Body Practitioner

"I have known and worked with Dr. Mary Anderson since 1999. She has been a significant part of my journey of awakening to my own soul. In her groundbreaking work, Awaken to your Soul, she skillfully weaves her personal journey with timeless instruction for remembering who we truly are. The reader will be deeply moved, as I have, by her compassion, humility, and integrity in shining the light on our path home to the soul of who we truly are."

Deborah Owen-Sohocki, MS, LPC

"In this inspiring book, Mary Anderson has written an insightful guide through the metaphysical as well as the practical aspects of living a more conscious life. Rich with ponder-able moments."

Nancy Newport, LPC, psychotherapist, private practice